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    Scriptable plugin in Illustrator

    alam_84 Level 1

      Hi All,


      I am a regular plugin developer for InDesign and now I just started plugin development for Illustrator


      As in InDesign we have a concept of making plugin scriptable means plugin can expose some method/property to an existing DOM object so that we can access that method in scripting DOM.

      e.g I have added a method HelloWorld in the document object in C++ native plugin and in jsx script we can access that method as follows

      app.activeDocument.HelloWorld() // exposed method in C++ plugin is accessible in scripting DOM



      Does we have same scriptable plugin feature in Illustrator? means adding a method in C++ plugin, expose it and make it accessible in scripting DOM.?




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          LeoTaro Level 4

          I don't this functionality is available in Illustrator plugins.

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            A. Patterson Level 4

            Actually, you can add scripting to an AI plugin, but it's limited. You can expose scripting support but it requires the script to perform a LoadLibrary() call on your plugin before your scripting is available. I've only just begun to play around with this myself but it seems promising (it'd be nicer if our scripting could just be there when our plugin was loaded, but you take what you can get).


            I think this is what you want:




            If you run the installer inside, I believe you'll end up with an SDK folder somewhere. Look for:





            Those are the headers you need. You'll have to piece together how to do it from the sketchy documentation, but it's not as bad as that sounds.