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    Adobe Animate CC 2017.5 is now live

    Preran Adobe Employee

      Hi all,


      The latest update to Animate CC, 2017.5 is now available for download and install through your Creative Cloud desktop application. If you are unable to see the update, log out and sign into the CC desktop app.  It takes around 24 hours for the application to be reflected in some locales.


      This update includes a number of exciting features. It also includes important bug fixes reported in previous releases.


      What's new in 2017.5: What's new and changed in the 2017 release of Animate CC

      Release Notes: Adobe Animate CC Release Notes 2017


      New features summary:

      New Ease presets

      Create realistic motion faster by using new Ease presets to define the speed of your Classic and Shape tweens. You can also create custom Eases for Shape tweens.

      Sprite sheet export

      Move from game design to development faster by exporting texture atlases or sprite sheets from Animate CC to Unity and other platforms.

      Component installation

      Easily package, share, and install custom HTML5-based components using the Add-ons mechanism.

      Better brush performance

      Sketch faster and get higher-quality lines now that you no longer have to wait for a brush stroke to smooth before creating the next one.

      In-app notifications

      Get helpful contextual hints and information about new and existing features as you work in the app.

      And so much more

      Also includes: Adobe AIR runtime updates, AuthPlayer updates, and more.
      See full release notes ›

      I am locking this post. For feedback on this release, please create separate posts so that we can discuss them under specific headings.