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    I need to convert AS3 external class to Javascript - Html 5 (Canvas).

    Bruno Pasztor

      I have some knowledge in javascript, but i don´t know if there is some difference in Flash´s javascript, like Unity 3D, it´s a little bit different.

      Do you have some script examples that i can use as a guide for me?


      Some basic questions:


      . I don´t know how to create the header properly;

      . Can i import things like: "import flash.events.MouseEvent;"? "import flash.events.*; " etc...

      . Can i extends Movieclip?

      . How i create variables? Is the same? "public var num:int;"?

      . How i add listener, like: "bt_start.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, gameFunction);"?


      That´s all i need at the moment.