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    Problems Exporting PDFs


      I have just purchased the Adobe Exporting PDF's software so that I can "easily" convert PDFs to Word or Excel, etc.  I know how to convert the documents, however, when I convert them I lose signatures and dates.  They turned to unreadable symbols, etc.  I need to convert documents for the Judicial System so the signatures need to appear.  Any advice?

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          Adorobat Adobe Employee

          Hi Markk,


          Sorry for being late in answering your query.


          As I was able to understand the issue from above mentioned description, you are exporting pdf to word/excel and in doing so, the signatures and dates on the pdf get disappear, is that correct?


          Could you let us know which signatures you are referring to - certificates based signatures using Certificates option or Fill & Sign?

          Are the files already have signatures applied on them or you are adding signatures using "Certificates/Fill & Sign" option in Adobe Reader?

          Which operating system you are using- Mac/Windows?