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    Mobile Sync referencing non existent drive

    Califdan2 Level 1



      Whenever I launch LR on my desktop, I get a message saying "Lightroom cannot write to the following directories.  Until this problem is resolved, syncing from Lightrioom mobile may not function correctly.    E:". 


      After clicking OK,  if I look at the active processes by clicking on the drop down arrow to the right of the Identity plate, It shows "2 photos syncing" (this number has not gotten below 2 in over a month since this problem started).


      Similarly, whenever I quite LR, it complains that a sync process is still in progress and should i shutdown anyway.


      I don't have a drive "E:".  But for travel I copiy my catalog to my laptop and my images drive was drive on the laptop is "E".  The same external drive containing my images is drive "P:" on my desktop.  So, I figured that on the desktop perhaps LR still thinks 2 of my images are on the E drive.  But, drive "E:" does not show up in my folders panel, which I believe means that LR has no images in the catalog that it thinks are on the E drive.   But, to be sure, I had LR "Find all missing photos".  This turned up 8 images but all of them reference the "P:" drive.


      How do I figure out what images it thinks are on the E drive or otherwise solve this problem.


      Thanks -- Dan