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      I created a form which is an agreement and shows the totals of commissions.  I have everything working but when I try and do an auto populate for a field where the entry is TEXT it doesn't allow it.  I want ALL Fields which would show the TEXT to be auto populated when the initial field is entered.


      This is where the information would be pulled:


      FIVE per-cent (5%) of the transaction value or a Minimum Fee of $5,000 per transaction.


      The fields below would each auto populate based on the input of the above Fields.  I have the two fields with the % and $ working fine.  BUT the First field above


      This Fee will be paid to Broker as a commission fee for assisting in obtaining properties. The Fee will be ________ per-cent (5% or Minimum of $5,000) paid by the buyer only if there is no fee paid by the selling entity. If there is a Fee paid by the seller of said Real Estate and the fee is less than ________ per-cent ( 5% or Minimum of $5,000 ), the balance of the difference between the ________ per-cent ( 5% or Minimum of $5,000) agreed upon with the Buyer and that being paid by the seller shall be paid by Buyer.


      For some reason I cannot get the FIVE to auto populate the other fields.  Please Help.