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    Splashscreen not displaying in Android with Ionic 3.4


      Description: When deploying a valid app build using Ionic 3.4, the Android build results in a splashscreen that isn't displayed (white screen only), however the iOS splashscreen works as expected. If the app is built and deployed directly to device or emulator (not using PhoneGap Build), the splashscreen works as expected.


      Request: Adobe officially-supported configuration and deployment steps to deploy Ionic 2+ to PhoneGap Build would be ideal. Feedback as to how to correct the splashscreen issue would be helpful. Or identification and correction of PhoneGap Build bug (if present) that causes this would be beneficial.


      Steps to Reproduce:


      Ionic --version


      (though this was happening with Ionic version 2.2.1 as well)


      Cordova --version



      Development OS

      Ubuntu 16.04


      Device: Nexus 6P

      Android Version: 7.1.2



      Create a new Ionic 2 app

      >$ ionic start testAppSplash tutorial



      Run app:

      >$ cd testAppSplash

      >$ ionic serve


      Add android:

      >$ ionic cordova platform add android



      Build for Android:

      >$ ionic cordova build android



      Locate the .apk file and install on device:

      - file is usually in <app_root>/platforms/android/build/outputs/

      - copy to physical device and install



      Launch application on physical device

      - Note that splashscreen works as expected


      Remove from physical device to avoid package name collision.


      Prep for deployment to PhoneGap Build

      1. navigate to testAppSplash root

      2. copy resources/ into www/

      3. copy config.xml into www/

      4. zip www directory

      5. upload to PhoneGap Build in new project


      It should build successfully.


      Download .apk file build on PhoneGap Build and install on physical device.


      Launch application on physical device

      - Note that splashscreen is NOT displayed on first launch or any subsequent launches.


      Test iOS by adding certificate then building app for iOS.


      Install .ipa file and install on iOS device


      Launch application on physical device

      - Note that the splashscreen is displayed as expected