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    PS CC 2017 is not starting


      I installed CC LR and PS using Adobe Photo Abo but PS does not start. LR is fully functionable. I reinstalled both programmes becouse it was recommended to solve the problem but it is still the same probleme. OS ist Win10 prof.

      Could please anybody help?

      This are the "error information" which are coming up after pressing the start button to start PS:

      CC PS 2017 Fehlermeldung 2017-06-13.JPGCC PS 2017 Fehlermeldung-02 2017-06-13.JPGCC PS 2017 Fehlermeldung-03 2017-06-13.JPG

      CC PS 2017 Fehlermeldung-04 2017-06-13.JPG


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