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    Slow preview


      Hello everybody,


      I'm trying my first prototype with xd and during the preview with the iPad some of the links are very slow. It happens always on the same slides. I thought maybe the slides were too heavy with too many layers but it seems that it's not that.


      Did you have the same issues?


      Good evening!

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          Preran Adobe Employee

          Hi carom,


          Does it happen with just one of your projects, or does it happen with all projects in XD?




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            carom27685180 Level 1

            Hello Preran Thank you for your message,


            Yes it happens in only one project. When i touch the slide i got to wait 7/8 second before it changes. Today I had another surprise. I had no issues with my fonts before and it just crashed when I opened the file in the iPad. I don't know if it's linked to the first problem.