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    Profiling using flash.sampler


      I am trying to profile my application. Since I do not have Flex Builder Pro, I am using tools provided in flash.sampler package. Unfortunately I can not make it to work, with debug player version LNX 9,0,124,0.

      After doing flash.sampler.startSampling(); and latter calling flash.sampler.getSamples() I am getting "undefined" message. And call to flash.sampler.getSampleCount() always returns 0. The profiler code is attached which is based on flash.sampler examples, can someone please explain how to correctly do this? Or is there other profiling non FBP profiling tools?

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          It doesn't seem like answers to this are very forthcoming but I had your problem and was able to get it working.


          What I did was make sure that I was calling startSampling in the flex rendering frame rather than in the loading frame.  Put simply make sure you are calling startSampling somewhere in your application but not in onCreationComplete, etc.


          I did it by having a button that I click once the application is fully initialized that starts the sampling.