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    Adobe target backup


      Hi Guys,


      Just wondering if there is anyway to do back up of Adobe Target (campaigns, mboxes, etc..) ?


      What is the backup/fall back strategy for Adobe Target?


      Please let me know.




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          Løjmann Level 3

          Hi Veera,


          There are no such function in Target for users to make backups. I guess a workaround would be if you setup all your experiences up via the custom code editor, then you can store txt-files locally, but in a busy organisation it would not work, and most don't setup all experiences up only using the custom code editor...


          I can't say how Adobe do their backups, but I won't doubt that my data and experiences are in a safe place there



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            ParitMittal Level 5

            Hi ,


            There isn't a method  in Target for users to make Client side backups. Though on server side your data is always stored & safe.


            Can you please share the use case you are trying to achieve so that we can further help you with the query ?



            Parit Mittal

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              Veera.kandregula Level 1

              Thanks Parit Mittal,


              We are actively using Target with lot of campaigns, but now trying to integrate with AEM and do some testing creating experiences in AEM for Adobe Target.


              We need to make sure that 'sync' features from AEM to target will not delete/corrupt existing Target campaigns while testing, thats the reason we would like to create back up before experementing the integration.


              1) Is there any Adobe recommended approach for this testing?

              2) Is there any cost involved, if we need to request backup from server side?

              3) Whats the SLA if we need to request backup from server side?




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                ParitMittal Level 5

                Hi ,


                Thanks for providing a detail view of the use case.


                However we would recommend you to reach out to your Adobe Target Account Manager in Adobe , they  would in a better position to answer your queries,


                Please do let us know in case anything else is required from our end.



                Parit Mittal