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    Adobe Elements and premiere install


      Unfortunately. I have been on hold for 2 hours so I'm trying to solve problem myself.  I just brought a new Mac with Seirra os.  my Cs5 no longer works do I decided to try photoshop premiere and elements.  I have tried to install but it has been frozen for 1/2 I have tried two or three times but no luck.  Any assistance would be appreciated.  

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          whsprague Level 4

          You did not give much information.  So, my only guess is that you don't have enough disk space.   Photoshop and Premiere Elements are best selling software.  People routinely install it everywhere.  Something is wrong with your computer, how you are installing it or where you got it from. 


          Please provide some more clues!

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            cynthiat36820396 Level 1

            I have a new MacBook Pro    Seirra 10.12.5 os   2.9Ghz Intel Corei5. 8 GB memory  300 free space of 500. so I know I have enough space and adequate memory when trying to install

            just  spends around like it is starting to install but it does not move.

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              cynthiat36820396 Level 1

              I purchased it from  Adobe.com I have an account

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                whsprague Level 4

                Perhaps you can list the steps in your installation procedure.   Nobody can guess what is going on without a lot more detail.

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                  dhananjays36801738 Adobe Employee

                  Hi cynthiat,


                  Thanks for posting in Adobe forum.

                  I understand you are facing issue in installing Elements in your machine.

                  Can we follow the following steps:


                  Please click here to download Adobe Application Manager for Mac.


                  - After installation please double click its icon by searching it on finder to complete the installation (Mac)



                  Please click here to download Adobe Photoshop Elements .


                  - It will be downloaded as a trial version & the file has a pack of multiple languages that includes "English" but when during installation you will mention your adobe id, password & serial number then it will become full version .


                  - If you face more issue regarding installation & activation for Elements then please contact our Support Engineers via chat by clicking here.


                  Hope this works for you.





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                    cynthiat36820396 Level 1

                    After being on hold for almost 3 hours waiting a agent then being ask "well what do you want me to do?"  He was no help. I asked hi. To just process me a refund,  I was to.d I had to call back within 24 hours.  I decided to try Apple tech  Again, who had me partition drive to see if it  wouldinstall on new drive.   It did ,  so I was told .to erase my hard drive an reload all software from back up one at a time    A apple tech had me follow this step earlier in the day In order to rollback my operating system to El-Capatain so that I could reinstall my 900.00 Cs5 Adobe creative suiteS on my new MacBook.   Unfortunately tech did not realize OS was not in backup.   I ended up with a blank hard drive.  I reloaded Seirra from internet and was back to square one after 4 hours.   Decided I definetly would not buy subscription so I did research and bought Photoshop Elements 15.   With all that said I decided to redownload software,an I  did not drag it into applications folder but installed by double clicking the download an it installed with not problem.    I am so disquested with Adobe an their terrible customer support I am going to follow through with a refund.  I don't want to have to call Adobe ever again.!!!!!