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    Merging/Tracking Hand Masks




      I am currently completing a video which shall be shown as a biography of my Uncle's (painter) life at an art gallery.  Following a search through a site containing royalty-free stock footage, I began to edit a clip showing hands sculpting, however, the mentioned hands had many wrinkles (individual must appear younger to "fit" in the supposed sequence of events).


      In order to remove the wrinkles, I duplicated the (video) layer many times, masking and blurring a single area in each.  Although the result was successful for a single frame, it required a great number of "Mask Shape" key-frames to be applied to nearly every mask in the project.*


      How would one merge the masks into a larger mask or track the hands to "fast blur" specific wrinkles (or simply achieve the desired result)?







      *The link to the project is below:




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          You don't. AE has no such feature. If at all you would do it in mocha, but even then it's quite likely going to be a lot more complicated than just drawing the masks once and hoping they would magically track. Such stuff still requires a lot of manual labor. Welcome to the world of "fix it in post" VFX work.