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    Uploading an Interactive PDF to Wordpress - Button Not Working

    marisolm13157330 Level 1

      Hello, everybody.

      I created a hashtag guide that I am trying to upload to my blog.


      Hashtag List.indd - Google Drive


      Here is the InDesign document in case anyone wants to take a look.


      The problem I'm having is that when I export it, it looks great, the buttons work, everything is fine. And then when I upload it to Wordpress, when I click on the button to link back to my Facebook group, it says "File Not Found." I just don't understand why thin is happening!!


      I also had to create a button on Illustrator and copy the image to InDesign because at first the button wouldn't show the text I was putting over the rectangle.

      The images also look super pixelated. I've done like 4 documents and I always have this problem and have never been able to fix it. I did the "view" thing to change it and it doesn't help.



      Can anyone offer some insight?