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    AE and Ryzen 1700 are not playing well together


      Just recently finished building my new desktop with the following specs:


      Ryzen 1700 - Air cooled with stock cooler

      16GB G. Skill FlareX (running at 2400MHz because for some reason I can't edit the frequency on BIOS but it's advertised to run at 3200MHz)

      2x EVGA 1070s

      EVGA 850w PSU

      500GB WD Blue SSD + 1TB WD Blue HDD


      I've been noticing some weird performance issues. I am a seasoned Motion Artist so I use After Effects a LOT. Thing is that I've noticed that after a while of normal usage AE becomes laggy, specially while rendering with Adobe Media Encoder. This wasn't happening with my previous Intel PC or my Intel PC at work. I am able to render in the background using Adobe Media Encoder or Background Render for After Effects and continue working without problems on AE. Even rendering in Cinema 4D and continue working in AE plus doing the normal everyday browsing and having a bunch of apps open. Usually after Media Encoder finishes rendering I have to actually quit it so that After effects goes back to normal.


      I've kept an eye on my processor to try and figure out the problem, but while rendering from Media Encoder it caps at around 30% usage, so what's going on? Granted I am working off the HDD but I don't suspect this is the issue since AE works fine when Media Encoder is not open.


      I can only suspect the bottleneck is the memory then? I know I still have to figure out overclocking the memory and processor but still, this is an 8 core 16 thread processor running at 3.00GHz (stock) but still should be able to handle this.


      I would appreciate any suggestions or ideas as I really need this computer to perform like I was expecting.