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    Failed to load Cross domain images in extension??

    dnyaneshlb Level 1

      I am using Illustrator CC 2017/ 21.1.0 version on my windows PC. In my extension, I am loading images from external app server (cross domain). It was working nice prior but it has now broken.

      I am not able to load any of the images. If I copy same url and paste in chrome, it loads images.


      After lot of googling, came to know that new versions of google chrome have implemented advanced web security standards. Chrome protects your privacy by not letting you connect to sites with outdated security measures.

      I am not sure which version of chromium does Illustrator use for extension development? Does anybody faced similar problem? If yes, does adobe came up with any solution?


      On dev tools console, SSL_VERSION_MISMATCH_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH error is thrown.

      Further, By lowering the HTTPS configuration of server, the images were fixed. But it made my server vulnerable for attacks.



      Any information / work around in that regard is highly appropriated.