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    Team Project - special needs


      Hey together!


      I will start with my question directly: We like to share comps with the whole team, which could be previewed and imported directly in the current AE-project. As a kind of comp-library with a preview function. We hoped the new feature "Team-Projects" for AE will help out, but its not possible to import or preview comps from the cloud to a project, which is not in the cloud. We tried other possibilities, like the media browser or the cloud libraries, but nothing worked for us. Now the question: Is there any tool/addon out there which have these functions?


      Thanks for your help!

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          A good indication if a new feature in After Effects is working is this -- how often are there questions about its proper use?


          Since this is only the second time I have seen any question ever about this feature, I can only conclude that it doesn't work yet.


          I have observed that very often, new features that interest no current AE user show up in new versions.  I suspect they are included at the direction of the Adobe Marketing Department in an effort to lure additional users to the application.  Frequently, there are problems with these new features.


          Thus, considering no one has asked how to use it, combined with Adobe's recent, dismal track record at including new features that actually work, my opinion is that Adobe Team -- or whatever nice name they gave it -- still does not work as the Adobe marketing literature would lead you to believe.


          But you can always file a bug report if you're not happy with it.  And then wait.

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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            You might consider using Motion Graphics Templates (introduced in AE version 14.2) to achieve something similar.