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    Acrobat can not process app purchase


      Hallo everybody,


      I've just renewed my (in app iOS purchase) annual subscription (after few days with no subs at all) at "Adobe Export PDF" (24€/year) inside Adobe Acrobat for iOS v.17.06.12.


      Apple iTunes confirmed me the payment and the Adobe Reader the mistake like (more attempts):


      SKError Domain 0


      com.adobe.reader.inapp.asis.error 99


      The sys says -in italian- : "Ripristinare l'iscrizione da account Personali".


      Where is "account Personali"? Or How can I solve the issu?


      thank  in advance for support


      gn, Milan

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          Adorobat Adobe Employee

          Hi gw40085303,


          As I have checked the details for your account, the current status for your Adobe PDF pack subscription is under processing.

          Could you please share if any transaction number you have via private message? To send a private message, hover your mouse over the user's name and click Message.




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