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    Update to LR 5.7.1


      As a Lightroom license holder, how do I go about updating from Lightroom 5.2 to 5.7.1 ?  I too have contacted Adobe Support where I was able to chat with "Vikrant" .  His ONLY advice was for me to go on the forum page.  So...here I am (thanks to Vikrant).


      So I'm assuming that it's a simple question...as a license holder to Lightroom, am I able to update to LR 5.7.1.  I've already tried to update via Lightroom, but it doesnt take me to the 5.7.1 update.


      Vikrant tells me that an expert will be able to assist me through this forum...


      I would hate to think I wasted $140 on software than I can only use as a coaster after one year!