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    Why is app.activeDocs still giving warning when only one pdf open

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      So have the following code in the javascript of an action wizard.  I was just notified that a user is still getting this error even though they only have the one pdf open from which they initiate the action wizard.  It should not give them this error but it is.  Can someone tell me why that would be?  Note I already verified they only have this one pdf open.



      var d = app.activeDocs;


      if (d.length > 1)


      1. app.alert("This application will not run unless ONLY the 1st pdf file in the batch labeling sequence is open.   Please close all additional pdf's and re-execute the Batch Labeling Application from the Action Wizard.");
      2. event.rc  = false;



      They are using Adobe Acrobat XI Pro.