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    Photoshop 7.0.1 Installation


      I am not able to install this "old" Photoshop Version 7.0.1 because ID is always rejectes.

      I know that may Version is not up-to-date anymore, bur I paid a lot of money for that and after a while I would not use it now I have to.

      So how can I get the right ID#. I have one but this ID does not work:

      (serial number removed). I know this is an upgrade, but I have no chance to install the basic version - it's Photoshop 4.0 with the # (serial number removed).

      It would be nice , when somebody could help me.



      S. Kraus


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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          You should not poster serial numbers on the web.  If it is an Upgrade serial and the product being Upgraded is not installed on you system you will need that serial and your serial number for your product you are upgrading to install and activate your Photoshop.  Then menu Help>Updates should update your activated install. You can find that serials managing you account's products on Adobe.com. Find your serial number


          If you can not find that serial you can first install your Photoshop 4 produce.  If you are using a Mac the old products may only work on PowerPC systems Mac machines.


          PS 4 is 1996 software PS 7 2002.  Scriptinf for PS7 was an optional dowload plug-in and ACR version 1 was a plug-in you have to pay extra for for PS7.  PS 4 did not have ACR or Scripting.


          If you do not want to subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud IMO you would be better off buying and installing Photoshop Elements though it is missing some features found in Full Photoshop Extended it is most likely better then PS 7....


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