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    Food For Thought

    NitiBeri Level 1

      Hi All,

      Often as an Avid readers of all topics "Digital", I come across statements from thought leaders that are so crisp that they gave the power to:

      a) Demystify in a few words, concepts that many whitepapers, blogs or articles have been trying to explain for long

      b) Give a new dimension or perspective to discussions around the most debatable topics


      These statements fascinate me to the core, and I am sure many of you guys would be able to concur with me on this.


      Therefore, I am starting this discussion as a placeholder for all such statements I come across. Hoping you all will add many more.



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          NitiBeri Level 1

          Here comes the first one from my reading today:

          On Programmatic:


          "Programmatic is a method of buying and not a media in itself, so you do not evaluate a method the same way you evaluate a media channel. Social, video, search, native, are channels in which you buy, automation or programmatic is the method for buying the same thing,”

          ~Sanchit Sanga , Chief Digital Officer, Mindshare


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            TanmayM Adobe Employee

            This is a very interesting initiative Niti!


            One of the statement I came across some time back:


            "Even if you’re not directly involved with advertising strategy at your company, it definitely impacts your job. Typically, advertising is the largest line item in any marketing budget because experiences matter more than ever before. Good, effective advertising is critical to your company’s success. It needs to work hand in hand with all other marketing efforts to deliver a connected brand and user experience for your company."

            ~ Ann Lewnes, CMO, Adobe