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    Delete Everything from Lightroom In the Cloud




      So I've been searching and not finding the answer to this so if it's already been answered, feel free to just toss me the link. :-)


      I'm switching back to Lightroom and have a huge catalog I need to import and sort through. Normally, I just have Lightroom Mobile handle it, but Lightroom on the desktop (2014 Macbook Pro) keeps using up all RAM and crashing when trying to sync. That's not going to work.


      So, I cleared out the local catalog on the desktop and I turned off all auto importing/syncing on my iOS device. However, it's still trying to sync things it was trying to upload from before, not including what it's already pulled. That's several thousand images.


      I just want to start clean, but sort of manually checking every single image one by one in lightroom.adobe.com, I'm failing to find a way to do this.


      How do I tell the system to just stop, and clear everything out so I can do this... the right way?