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    How to user Document.importFile() function?




      I would like to try out the Document.importFile() function introduced in CC2015.


      Illustrator 2015 changes?


      CC2015Document.importFile (importFile: File )
      Adobe Illustrator 19 Type Library
      Import the file into current Ai document.
      importFile: Data Type: File

      The file to import in the current document.



      But I don't know which arguments to pass to the function.

      I tried this code:


      var doc = app.activeDocument;

      var file = File('/Users/outcrash/Desktop/Sketches/CM8319_big.svg');



      But I get "Illegal argument - argument 2"


      I tried several variations for the second argument: 1, true, false, null etc...


      Looking at the Data Browser in ESTK, the function clearly exists, but there are no arguments shown:

      Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 5.30.35 PM.png


      When i print out the function like this:



      I only get this in the console:


      function importFile() {

          [native code]



      I also tried stepping into the function by setting a breakpoint, but it wouldn't go into the code.


      Has anybody tried that function already and know which arguments to pass?