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    Latest release of Windows 10

    terris86415680 Adobe Community Professional

      Hi Everyone,

      You may now have downloaded the latest version of Windows 10, which is a major update of the OS and not just routine patches. For users of Creative Cloud it's early to say if there will be issues, but the timing is unfortunate as nine Adobe products received updates overnight, including Photoshop, and it's never good to have so many variables changing at the same time.


      The new Windows 10 is well worth having, the start menu has been reworked to allow apps to be grouped into folders, the Edge browser has been significantly enhanced and feels much quicker than Chrome or Firefox. Microsoft have also converted Defender into a full Anti-Viral program . Not so sure that adding a 3D capability to Windows Paint will help many here, but it's interesting.


      It may be useful if you check your SSD after this update as Microsoft decided to leave the old system folders intact in order to permit users to revert back to the pre-update version. In my case this swallowed up 32GB of space. You will find you have a Windows_Old folder and it's tempting to just delete it, but this is not the right thing to do. Instead run 'Disk Cleanup' , you can find it by typing the name into Cortana. You need to do this twice, once for a general cleanup and then for the system files. It will tell you there how much space is being wasted. For me this took well over an hour, but it's worth being patient. In addition the disk needs defragmentation.


      Hope this helps anyone wondering why their SSD has suddenly got 10% smaller.