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    Horror story getting ADE activations reset


      I needed to get my ADE device activations reset, so I did a Google search and found this web page:


      E_ACT_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS error in Adobe Digital Editions


      There was a link to "contact us" which I followed. From the myriad choices I made the mistake of choosing Account issues -> Account settings. This mistake cost me 1 1/2 hours of my life because the Chat representative I got was not properly trained and could not understand what I was asking for.


      Later the same day I found this forum post:




      While the link in the post didn't work as intended (it took me to the top level of "Contact us"), at least the link's text label told me that I wanted Account issues -> Adobe ID and signing in. (Counter-intuitive: I wasn't having a problem with my Adobe ID or with signing in to my account.)


      The good news is that "Adobe ID and signing in" took me to a Chat representative who understood what I wanted and reset my device activations within 12 minutes -- not bad for a multitasking Chat representative.


      From skimming the other posts in this forum my initial negative experience with getting device activations reset through Chat is hardly unique.


      Constructive criticism:


      1. Why not just do what Amazon does and let customers reset their device activations themselves from their account settings?


      2. Failing that, fix the help link in the first web page above to go to a specific page to put in a request to have device activations reset with an email confirmation when done -- no chatting necessary.


      3. Failing that, ensure that all of the Chat representatives understand what it means to reset device activations. The first Chat representative I got was completely lost.


      I sincerely hope that someone at Adobe is listening.