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    Dreamweaver CS6 small interface


      I am running CS6 Design and Web premium.  Dreamweaver and Photoshop interfaces look extremely small on my large 2560 x 1080 dell monitors.   How do I enlarge the interfaces?  Its very hard to use these this small. 

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          pziecina Level 6

          Dw CS6 is not hi-dpi aware, but if you are using windows you can apply a system wide setting to increase the size of the UI. Unfortunately i think this would apply it to everything and not just Dw.

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            Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I can well imagine that it's hard to see.  Legacy CS6 is not Hi-DPI aware and it never will be as CS6 is no longer supported. 


            The only thing I can suggest is changing your display settings to use a lower resolution.  On Windows10, you can try increasing the scale % but this may cause some app panels to be truncated.


            Modern Photoshop CC has a scale setting in the Preferences panel (see screenshot).   But CS6 does not have this option.