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    Interactivity not working a more detailed description of the problem


      Hey guys awhile ago I was doing a project for class


      I had to make 5 interactive pages that would all link to each other.


      I thought this would be easy as pie but I was wrong


      despite interactivity not working I still did pretty good on the projects


      Im gonna post screenshots of what I did as well as list what I tried


      So for the table of contents I made hyperlinks to go to the desginated pages


      In the final pdf version the only thing that happened was it reloaded the table of contents page


      Every other page I tried linking to did the same thing




      in the second page below I tried creating hyperlinks to go to the home page and the next page. In indesign this worked somewhat but when converting into an interactive pdf it didn't wk6oe.png



      I tried converting to buttons and bookmarks to go to these designated areas but nothing worked.



      Is there a process on something that I am missing out on?   I am working on a similar project and I do not want to go through the anguish of the interactivity not working again.