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    Help - Installed CS3 on new machine and I get this error popup after launching


      Long story short. I finally got a new work desktop and the old machine got disposed off. When I was installing a new copy of CS3 on the new machine, I get this error message that https://www.adobeereg.com is not contactable. (screenshot below)


      The CS3 Version is from a volume licensing key (corporate version). Bought 10 years ago and still works on my old machine.


      Things I have done to try resolve it myself.


      1) Checked this forum which had another similar topic. - which was to download directly from adobe a copy of cs3 and go from there. unfortunately, my photoshop cs3 is corporate and live chat  told me I cant use that online installer. (couldn't register the product with the serial key that I have)


      2) Asked live chat if I could get hold of a copy of the corporate installer. They said there's no published corporate installer available for download. so I'm basically stucked with the DVD which allows me to install just find but can't use cs3 because of the pop up.


      I have talked to live chat over the past 2 days ( waited from 12pm till 3pm) to get an answer that I should post a discussion here for help.



      Photoshop team - Please help!