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    Issues with PS brushes after upgrading to Windows 10



      Okay look, I upgraded to Windows 10 like a week ago, when i opened PS to do some commissions, this is what happened. I always change the size of the brush my right-clicking on the screen and then use the mouse wheel to change the size and look how big or small i need it depending on what im drawing, but after the update to windows 10 i cant do that anymore, now i NEED to have the mouse on the brushes box to be able to change the size of the brush and its so annoying because 1. i cant see how big or small the brush is, and 2. im so used to do it like that so much quicker, and it is the same when i use the layer efects and the layer opacity. i need to have the mouse on the option otherwise it doesnt changes with the mouse wheel. I've already deleted and re-installed PS but still the same issue.

      Plz help anyone, thanks.

      Oh and yeah I've already reset the tools