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    Paused Playback at Every Slide...

      At first glance this program seems pretty handy, but I'm slowly getting annoyed that it gets difficult to do the most simple of screen captures. I had just gotten comfortable using it and went on a trip... when I came back and began trying to publish some training videos... I'm running into all kinds of issues...

      - Captivate won't record my mouse movements now, but it did before I left
      I have toggled the "Record mouse movments" button to no avail

      - Every type of file I create (.exe, Flash) the slides pause between every one... I have to hit the play button to make it continue on and I've read the manual cover to cover and no where does it talk about my problems.

      Can someone shed some light on this? I have deadlines that are approaching fast and if I can't get this software to cooperate I'm going to have to find another that will. Thanks in advance for your time.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi TSgt Rush

          If you look closely at the Timeline for each slide, I'm guessing that you will find the presence of a click box or a button. The nature of these is to pause the movie until the user interacts.

          So your question will now probably be, why? How did these get there? I certainly didn't add them.

          Well, you may have but didn't realize it. If you click Options > Recording Options,.., what is your Recording mode field set to? My guess is that it will NOT say "Demonstration". And Demonstration seems to be what you are expecting. If it says either Assessment Simulation or Training Simulation, you will get click boxes when you record. Or if it says Custom, you need to click the Edit settings... button and see what options have been set.

          Now the task will be to remove the click boxes or buttons from all the slides where they appear.

          Cheers... Rick
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            Boxing Boom Level 1

            Way to go Captivate, another editing task for us users, a task that we should not have to perform!

            Has this application won any "ANGER" awards yet? Captivate is crippled by flaws and bugs. Version 2 had better be at least free from this annoyance.

            Boxing Boom
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              SShipe Level 1
              Boxing Boom,

              No, I don't believe it has won any "anger" wards....but it has won Brandon Hall shootouts as a top simulation tool.

              This so called editing task you refer to in regards to TSgt Rush's post is a user issue and not a Captivate one (assuming that the observations that Rick pointed out are indeed the issue.) These are simple recording settings that are affected by what the user checks and unchecks under Recording Options and Captivate can't be faulted for something that it was "told" to do.

              I am not trying to make light of any problems that you have encountered with Captivate, but would encourage you to offer suggestions on how to help others here in the forums rather than just making comments like "Captivate is crippled by flaws and bugs. Version 2 had better be at least free from this annoyance." These forums are, after all, peer-to-peer and intended for users to help other users and not an official Adobe "bugs and feature requests" form.