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    Minimising Indesign & Illustrator Program Windows on Mac


      Hi all,


      I cannot double-click on the window for Illustrator or Indesign CC2017 to minimise, unless I remove the open file/s from the program frame. It always used to work and it still works in Photoshop (without taking open tabbed files out of program frame). Currently, when I double-click on the program frame, It toggles between whatever size I may have made the window and full screen.


      Is there a setting somewhere in the programs that will allow me to do this again? I can adapt, but I'm used to it after all these years. I subscribe to CC and all my programs are up to date.


      And yes (in case anyone suggests it) I have Mac OS set to minimise windows when I double-click on them. As I said, I can minimise windows if I remove tabbed files from the program frame.


      Thanks in advance



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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When you want to minimize windows, you turn off the Application Frame. When you don't, you use the Application Frame. It's always been that way as far as I know, and it cannot be changed.


          But you can resize the application frame, revealing the Desktop, for times when you want to view something there. Just go to any corner of the frame and resize it.

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            BertNing Level 1

            Thanks Steve. Now that I know what it's called I can turn it off! It's been bugging me for a while.


            Photoshop application frame still minimises when double-clicked. Indesign and Illustrator application frames always used to minimise when double-clicked. Adobe must have made it the way it is now a couple of updates ago. Or perhaps the default wasn't with the Application Frame.


            Now that I know, I will hopefully be able to turn it off when Adobe decides to change Photoshop too! If it ain't broke...