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    Bug zoom / move when spacebar pressed




      This is not an asking for help but just a big bug report.


      You dev guys should pay more attention to this before adding other fancy features.


      The issue is simple: sometimes when I press the spacebar, it uses the zoom tool instead of the move tool.


      And this is pretty random. When I create a new document, the spacebar shows the magnifying glass, but if I switch to another application and come back to XD, the spacebar now shows a hand.


      And sometimes, the bug comes back. And sometimes, there is no bug at all.


      When the bug is here, I can't - like ABSOLUTELY CAN'T - move in my document (because there is no "move tool" in the toolbar).

      The only solution is to switch to another application and come back to XD.


      As an ersatz of Sketch, Adobe XD should better Sketch to justify its price.

      We're far from this, but it's a beta version so it's normal.

      This is why you should take care of the major bugs in the first place (who cares of sharing prototypes when one can't even move in his document?)


      Hope this well you to improve the software, because I expect a lot from it (I'm stuck on a pc so I can't use Sketch...)