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    Extension takes a long time to load on MAC and does not load on WIN after signing

    Manan Joshi Level 4

      Hello All.


      I have created an HTML extension for InDesign, it works fine if i use the development environment by adding PlayerDebug mode in the plist/Registry. However when i sign it using a self signed certificate, it takes a very long time to load on MAC. It takes several minutes before the extension UI loads and then it works fine. However on the WIN machine the extension does not load at all, it just presents a black window. So i have the following queries

      • Is the load process different for signed and development extensions. If i load the same extension by using the development mode it loads in seconds
      • Does ZXPSignCmd has any known issues on WIN? When i use the command to sign the code on WIN machine it does not load, however when i sign on MAC it loads on MAC but not on WIN

      I signed other of my extensions using this same certificate and all works fine. The only difference with this extension is that the codebase is big around 700 MB's, can this be the issue for high loading time?


      Thanks for the help