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      今天遇到一个别人发来的稿件,只有200M左右,对我们广告设计业来说,这文件平常不大,但打开和存储差不多要用上5-10分钟的时间,平常别的大psd文件500M-1G的打开也才几秒的时 间...

      我起先以为我内存空间不够,查了下不是,运行其它比这个容量大的文件打开和存储都能快速的实行,却偏偏这个200M的不行。。而且我后面还合成图层,存储JPG时也得等待很长时间,不知道这个 文件是不是有什么元素在里面?又该在哪里修改过来?

      我遇到很多这种文件不知为什么我配置也是很高的16g内存,但运行这个文件的时候就会特别占内存 ?求解答

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          Today someone sent the manuscript, only about 200M, our advertising design industry, this file usually is not big, but in open and save almost 5-10 minutes time, the usual big PSD file 500M-1G opens, is only a few seconds of time ...

          At first I thought I didn't have enough memory space, checked the not running other files that are larger than this opening and store can be implemented quickly, but, contrariwise, this 200M not ... And I also synthetic layers, when saving JPG would have to wait for a long time, don't know what the file is an element in it? And where is modified?

          I have seen a number of such documents do not know why I 16G memory configuration is also very high, but special memory when running this file? Seeking answers

          Which file format is the manuscript and what exactly is its size?

          Could you post screenshots?