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    Lightroom not updating via Creative Cloud App


      I've been having problem with tying to update LR to the latest version.  Following various suggestions, I've uninstalled LR via the CC app and reinstalled it and it seems to have downloaded CC 2015 and not the latest version - the Transform panel for example is missing.


      When I check the version details, I see this...


      Lightroom version:  CC 2015 [1014445]

      License: Creative Cloud


      I seem to have taken a step backward in version by uninstalling/reinstalling via the CC app.


      I've checked the program files folder and that vanished after the uninstall and a new folder has been created with today's date but the contents including the lightroom.exe file are dated April 2015. 


      Photoshop is fine and I always get notifcations to upgrade to the latest version. 


      Any suggestions on how to get LR back to the latest version?