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    Remove objects from Trapped PDF

    quoz Level 1

      Our Art Department in a manufacturing facility regularly receives trapped PDFs for proofing, and sometimes editing, prior to print. We'll get PDFs in a rush situation where the creator left in unwanted elements, such as the green box and "Date Code" text in the image below. When we attempt to remove these elements, either in Acrobat or by opening the PDF in Illustrator, we discover trapping elements and knockouts, and it's a mess to clean up, especially over a gradient background. In Output Preview, we can turn off the "Green" plate and all looks well, but the green still prints regardless. We need to print a high-res composite in order to create physical mockups. (Screen capture not an option.)


      We have Acrobat Pro DC 2017 Release (Continuous) version 2017.0009.20044 on an El Capitan Mac (and we are admittedly struggling with the learning curve since our recent upgrade from Adobe CS6)!  Is it possible to print without the green color and without a knockout--just the way it looks onscreen with the Green turned off? THANK YOU.

      GRTV issue.png