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    pdf won't stay open

    laurie'sworld28 Level 1

      I have an account with my company that installed Adobe Acrobat Pro DC on my computer. When I open the file, it stays open for about 30 seconds, then closes randomly. The program offers no explanation as to why this occurs, but I am starting this discussion to get feedback on what I might be able to do to resolve this. Can anyone provide a step-by-step plan on what to do?

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          Adorobat Adobe Employee

          Hi laurie'sworld28,


          As per the issue description, Acrobat closes randomly when opening a pdf file, is that correct?


          If you have Windows operating system installed on the machine, try following the steps mentioned in the link below:

          pdf's won't stay open

          If that doesn't work, try repairing Acrobat by clicking "Repair Installation" (for Windows only) under Help menu and see if that helps.


          Could you please check if Acrobat stays open without opening any pdf file in it?

          Which operating system is installed on the machine-Windows/Mac?

          What is the version of the application you have installed on the machine?

          To check the version: click Start>Control Panel>Programs and Features, check the version field for Adobe Acrobat DC


          Keep us posted with the results.


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            nickd1128103 Level 1

            Hi Shivam

            Iam having the same issue with Adobe Acrobat DC version 17.009.20044

            It opens and then closes either after opening a PDF (which opens) or directly from start


            It doesnt give me enough time to try anything re preferences etc it just crashes


            Iam using Windows 10


            please assist as this is very inconvenient



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              Adorobat Adobe Employee

              Hi Nick,


              Thanks for providing the information.


              Could you please let us know if you have tried the steps mentioned in this link: pdf's won't stay open?

              Also, try launching Acrobat as an administrator. Locate Acrobat's shortcut on the desktop>right-click>select Run as administrator.


              Let us know how it goes.


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                roberth71 Level 1

                Hi Shivam,


                I work in IT and have some users with this very issue. They will open a PDF with Acrobat Pro XI and some time after, the PDF closes but Acrobat stays open and sometimes they are not able to reopen the PDF after. Doing some research on this very issue, it appears the issue has been ongoing since 2009. What is the fix?


                FYI, it doesn't matter what OS or version of Acrobat or Reader. As I said, this appears to be an ongoing issue since 2009 that I can see with no real fix.