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    Installing presets


      I'm trying to install a preset into Lightroom CC.  I've done it before but not on the CC version.  What's happening is I click on Edit, click on Preferences, click on Preset tab, click on Show Lightroom preset folder and it takes me to my pictures folder in File Explorer.  I've trying rebooting and it's the same thing.  Can someone tell me how to fix this or an alternate way of doing it.  thanks.  Windows 10.



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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi Anna,


          May I know which preset are you trying to install and which version of Lightroom are you using?

          The "Show Lightroom Presets folder" should take you to this location by default:-  C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\Develop Presets

          Also, check that the option "Store preset with catalog" is not checked.




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            WobertC Adobe Community Professional

            I am presuming it is a "Develop" preset.!!

            Easiest way to install a Develop preset is-

            1. In the Develop module, open the Presets panel

            2. Right-click on the {User Presets} folder

            3. Select [Import]

            4. In the File browser window navigate to the location of the  preset file (xxxx.LRTEMPLATE)

            5. [Import]


            You need to know where you have the new preset file stored.

            It could be in a .ZIP file that needs extracting, maybe in your downloads folder.



            The link in the Preferences dialog does not take you directly to the Preset file location, but rather will show you the "Lightroom" or "Lightroom Settings" folder which contains further sub-folders for the various types of presets.

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              annalw63 Level 1

              Thanks for your answer.  I could do all the steps but for some reason when I tried to import the preset, it tells me that it's the wrong type of file.  The extension on the files are .lrtemplate, but it won't import them.  I'll check with the producer of the preset and see if he can tell me what the problem is.



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                WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                check with the producer

                Yes- a good start.


                The two most common types are "Develop" presets that apply 'global' effects to an image, and "local adjustment" brush presets that are only available in the Brush panel.

                To determine if a preset file (xxxxxx.LRTEMPLATE) is 'Develop" or "Local- Brush":


                Open one of the preset files with any Text Editor.  (eg. Notepad for Windows)

                If it's an adjustment brush preset it will show "LocalizedAdjustmentPreset" next to type:


                s = {

                    id = "5D68DBAD-147B-4CD3-833A-803DFA2C5C78",

                    internalName = "Teeth Whitening",

                    title = ZSTR "$$$/AgDevelop/Localized/Preset/TeethWhitening=Teeth Whitening",

                   type = "LocalizedAdjustmentPreset",

                    value = {

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                  annalw63 Level 1

                  I have been trying again to install these adjustment brush presets.  This time I managed to get it to go into the Roaming Data path but instead of C:\Users\ross\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\Develop Presets, I have put it into \Local Adjustments which I believe is correct.  But when I restart it, the new presets don't show up.  (BTW is the "store presets with this catalog" supposed to be checked or not.  I've tried it both ways but neither seems to work.  Any suggestions?




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                    WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                    OK you are working with Brush Presets.

                    Things to note-


                    1. the Presets folders can be in either of two locations depending on how you set that preference "store presets with this catalog".

                    By changing this preference Lightroom does not automatically copy the presets from one location to the other. It must be done with copy&paste in the operating system file browser.  The presets can be in both locations, or copied to a 'backup' location as well.

                    So use the Preferences dialog in Lr to locate where Lr is currently storing the Presets for you.



                    2. Brush Presets belong in a folder called "Local Adjustment Presets"

                    eg. mine are in-  C:\Users\My Name\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\Local Adjustment Presets  (my presets are NOT stored with the Catalog)


                    3. You cannot have sub-folders in the {Local Adjustment Presets} folder. So ALL brush presets must be in this one folder.

                    If you place them in sub-folders then they will not be seen in the Brush presets of the Develop module,

                    When you use Brush presets  in the Develop module you may be presented with a long list of presets to scroll down, which is a good reason to rename them ('Rename' appears at the base of the Brush presets list)

                    eg. if you use a number prefix before each brush name 01, 02, 03, etc, they will sort numerically nearer the top of the list.


                    (Very strange- I just tried renaming some presets in the File browser, but the old names kept appearing in Lr, even re-starting Lr! so I do not know what is happening here.  maybe an expert can tell me this. Can they only be renamed within the Brush panel?)

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                      Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                      The presets use an Internal Name and or the title entry for display in the LR interface. Yes when you create a preset the name you use for the File Name is copied for the Internal Name so it displays in LR with that name. To change the LR displayed name open the Preset .lrtemplate file in a text editor and change the internal name and the title. Make sure LR is closed when doing this.


                      s = {

                        id = "C2834B6E-AB25-4BD9-85A1-8F946A51611A",

                        internalName = "Reduced Size",

                        title = "Reduced Size",

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                        annalw63 Level 1

                        I have done all of that.  My brush presets are in my Local Adjustments Presets and not in a subfolder.  But they just don't show up in LR.  While I was looking at the Local Adjustments, I noticed not even the LR presets for Burn, Dodge, Iris Enhancement, Soften Skin and Teeth Whitening.  I had installed these presets before I bought a new computer, but the presets didn't transfer over even though I had LR CC previously. Is this a glitch or is there nothing to be done?





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                          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                          Thanks to JUST SHOOT ME - I learn something new. Renaming the Local Adjustment Presets in the File browser does not change the name in Lightroom, unless the template is edited (in Notepad)


                          Anna- have you tried the option in the Brush presets list to "Restore Default Presets"  for the Lr defaults?

                          "But they just don't show up in LR." I cannot explain. Are you sure they are being stored in the folder that your current working catalog is referring to? Can you provide screen-clips of the Brush Preset files in File Explorer, and a clip of the brush preset list as it appears in Lightroom?

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                            ubbyisis Level 1

                            Just bought local adjustment presets and the same thing happens to me. I put them in the correct folder and I can see them there, but they don't show up in LR Classic CC. And I also noted that the Local adjustments folder does not contain any other local adjustment presets, even though I thought I had some.

                            I will contact the preset developer, but this seems to be LR that doesn't work properly after the last update.

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                              ubbyisis Level 1

                              Sorry - I just found the correct way to view the brushes. I had clicked the wrong button in LR. Stupid of me. In a way I find LR more difficult than PS