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    Jpeg processing


      Hi there,

      I work in photography, and have found Lightroom to be great for creating color grades of my work, it also works well with lens distortion. The industry standard is Capture One, and I still use that for tethered shooting. I would love to be able to batch process jpegs without having to wait hours for it to complete. Generally I batch process jpegs after grading and correcting the raw to show clients. Is there any possibility of doing an equivalent of Capture Ones "quick proof" jpeg? The quick proof function in capture one processes hundreds of images in a matter of minutes, vs Lightroom's export which takes about 1 hour or longer for the same task.

      I have purged my cache and increased the cache amount, have unticked the graphics processor all to which there are no speed improvements.

      maybe there is a exporter plug in that someone may have tried.


      thanks for your time.

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          dj_paige Level 10

          It would help if you described what Capture 1's Quick Proof was actually doing.


          Nevertheless, Lightroom must import the photos, the batch processing must happen and then you must export the results. I doubt there is a bug anywhere, these things take time.


          Depending on exactly what you mean by "hundreds" (can you give us the exact number?), it sounds reasonable for LR to take an hour.

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            jonathanp84595000 Level 1

            Thanks dj_paige,


            quickproof processes the raw to a 300dpi jpeg. A Nikon d810 file will process to around 8x7inches. It takes no time at all.


            I am trying to use Lightroom in a more professional setting and not being able to quickly process jpegs impedes my usage of it on set.


            also am aware there is no bug, I'm trying to find a quicker and better solution to batch processing in Lightroom.


            Also the last batch I processed about 30 mins ago was 213 images, and it took well over 30mins. Capture Ones quick proof processing would do this in around 5 mins if not faster.


            thanks again.

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              dj_paige Level 10

              But that doesn't really describe anything ... what do you mean "processes"? Do you mean converting a RAW to a JPG with no editing whatsoever? Or is there some editing?


              The only way to get a D810 image to 8x7 inches is to perform a crop. Is that what you mean?


              Anyway, it doesn't sound like Lightroom will ever have the speed you are looking for, so I don't think it is the right tool.

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                jonathanp84595000 Level 1

                okay dj_paige, thanks for your input.