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    How to make my dirty messy grunge cut through any and all layers to transparency in Photoshop CC 2017?

    garry101 Level 1

      Hey everyone - I think this must be easy but it has swallowed me whole.  I'm working in Photoshop CC 2017 and want to cut through all layers to transparency with a messy dirty grunge brush layer. I custom apply over a jpeg layer (for simplicity) ((eventually I may have many layers to cut through but trying to explain this as simply as possible))  Maybe I haven't made the bottom layer (jpeg screenshot) transparency supported or something - but otherwise I am driving myself to the loony bin.......  I'm dragging in a jpeg file as the "bottom" and not Background Layer.  Applying a brush grunge layer above that and then using Blending mode to see my grunge turn into transparent checkered transparent (seemingly).  But it sits on top of the jpeg layer.  When I slide in a color layer underneath the jpeg layer there is no color showing thru the grunge.  Hopefully someone can save me and I will owe them my... sanity?  Thanks so much for any and all help -  I can take screen shots if that helps...


      Thanks so much,