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    I need a bit of help with characters and paragraphs style

    monac33965769 Level 1

      Hello there, i am new in this forum and i do know that if i would search 10+ hours throughout all the posts, i would find the answer to this very basic question, but, as expected, i am in a big hurry to fix my problem, so i kindly ask a compassionate fellow to point out at least where to read about my problem ...


      So, i know to work with Paragraph Style, i edit a book and i have a basic text (with a specific name) so i can make changes that apply all over. So i did, but wherever i had previously italics or bold THEY STAY THE SAME FONT as in my previous choice!!! And i wish to learn to change those too - meaning i still want them bold, or italics, but in the new format, which is a different font! Is it a way to do this faster then browsing the text (400 pages) every line?


      Thank you for helping,

      i really need some hopes here