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    Will Nikon NEF files ever be supported in Lightroom?

    haleyp31027075 Level 1

      I'm a new Nikon user and I recently purchased the Nikon D7500. I had no idea that the RAW file format used by Nikon (NEF) would not be compatible with Lightroom, my one-and-only post-processing software.


      The Adobe DNG Converter says it can convert any RAW file to DNG which can then be read by Lightroom, but that's not the case - the converter cannot read the NEF files from my camera. Luckily, I found a workaround using the image browser, Lyn, but it is a huge pain to convert all of my photos to the TIFF format before importing them into Lightroom ( I don't even know if the conversion to TIFF negatively impacts the photos in some way). 


      My questions are these: Will Lightroom ever be able to read NEF files without having to convert them to TIFF or DNG? Or is this something I'll just have to do as long as I'm a Nikon user? Why are NEF files not supported? Or is there actually some way to edit NEF files in Lightroom that I don't know about?


      Anyone who has some advice or answers for me, please post! 



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