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    InDesign Pen tool not producing selected fill or line color - NO COLOR

    jennc39866814 Level 1

      I'm having issues with my Pen tool not producing the assigned fill or line color.


      Typically, I select the pen tool and then click on the fill or line tool in the tools panel and then choose a color before I begin to use the pen. For some reason, with the color showing as assigned in the tools panel, once I click to begin to draw it reverts to NO COLOR in both fill and the line, regardless of what I assigned... so I'm basically drawing something I can not see. I can't seem to find a remedy - other than beginning to draw and then going to the fill or line tool in the tools panel and assigning the color AGAIN - not efficient at all. What's going on?! Anyone experience this before? Is there a setting I inadvertently created that says NO COLOR FOR YOU WHEN USING YOUR PEN?