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    Adobe Acrobat - Locking Fields w/ Signature

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      I am using Acrobat Adobe XI. I have been successful at utilizing electronic signatures to lock down certain fields on a document/form. I am now trying to see what else I can program/script this field to execute when it is signed.


      The problem:

      My company has two different inspectors filling out the same inspection  forms when it comes to inspection time. Each inspector needs to sign the document. Inspector 1 will do various routine inspections. Then, Inspector 2 will do whatever is left on the inspection form. Basically, they are always switching up what they inspect between one another so there is no way for me to associate specific fields to specific electronic signatures. When Inspector 1 is done they will electronically sign the document, then send it along to Inspector 2 who will also electronically sign the document when completed. Is there a way to write a script within the electronic signature to automatically lock any fields that have been signed in and not lock the ones that have yet to be signed in?


      Any input is much appreciated!





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