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    Images are severly yellow in all modules EXCEPT in Develop module


      Suddenly after years of use, all previews are about 2500K too yellow in all views expect the develop lupe view.  When exporting images, they match the develop view.  When sending to photoshop they match the develop view.  But, in all other views in all other modules all images appear extremely yellow.  When doing a Before and After in Dev, the Before shows heavy yellow, even though no editing has been done, but the After shows normal.


      I've updated LR to 2015.10.1, no change.

      I've deleted preference files, no change.

      I've check Photoshop's color settings, no change.

      I've check soft proofing, camera calibration, lens profiles.

      Restarted Windows 10

      I have not yet uninstalled LR.


      The one thing I did find was when printing, LR will not hold the Epson printer profile and occasionally says that it can't find the profile (even though I can find it in the profiles folder in Windows.  But, the printed image prints normal, matching the develop view.


      Windows 10, LR CC2015.10.1, GTX 745Ti


      Thanks for any help,