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    Why my Annual Plan Monthly Paid has been deactivated?


      Greetings all,


      On January 2017, I made purchased for Creative Cloud Individual Annual Contract Monthly Paid. Everything seems okay. I'm really happy since I can access for many applications.


      I paid for subscription religiously. But suddenly, on June 2017 (yes, this month), my plan automatically downgraded to free membership, and I can't use any applications at all.


      I did submit my report, and have chat with a customer service agent. The suggestion is, I need to purchase a new contract since my previous contract already cancelled (automatically).


      FYI, I am not cancelling the subscription. Why I need to do that? I'm using it to do my work.


      And yes, I do purchase a new Creative Cloud Individual Annual Contract Monthly Paid as suggested, again, same as the previous one but with new rate.


      I need to ask, what will happen with the previous contract? Do I need to pay the penalty? Do you think I'm not aware with annual commitment? I took the annual commitment because I want to pay it, every month, for a year. If I have a lot of money, surely I will pay for the pre-paid option. And if I want to use it for a month, surely I will purchase for monthly payment.


      On this hour, I'm checking up my Bank Statement. Yes, I don't even miss even a month payment. I pay it every month. And I'm noticing weird date for each payment made. But I don't think it will give me any trouble since I pay for it monthly, religiously.


      So now I wonder, what will happen for the previous contract? Do I need to pay for the penalty?

      And what will happen, if in the future, I have this issue again?


      Do I need to re-purchase again a new contract and pay for the penalty again and again?


      I am beyond frustrated and confused on this wee hour.


      I love your product, and I work to pay for it. This is not good. This is unfair.


      Thank you at least to read my rants. I have nobody to tell about this. So here I am, on this forum, posting it.


      Does anyone experiencing this thing?