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    Why is camera raw freezing/minimal files?


      Hi guys!


      New to the forums and to CC. Just switched over from cs6 due to performance issues.


      When using CS6 on the latest version of macOS Sierra, I could open like up to 90 files (never really needed/tried more) at a time, make my changes in camera raw, and then open them all into PS...all while listening to Pandora on the same computer!


      Now, if I try to open more than 40 or so files at a time, camera raw freezes, and freezes anything else on my computer, too. I spent hours on the phone and chat with support last week, they made changes to my settings, but nothing seems to really be different (and I didn't feel like they were really all that knowledgeable).


      Anyone else have a problem like this, or know a settings tweak I could make? Or is it just a difference between cs6 and cc? I would think performance would be improved with an "upgrade", but who knows?


      Thanks so much!



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