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    Filter Gallery: Why is my image purple and not in full color?



      I am having trouble with the filter gallery in Photoshop CC. Filters are applying, but my image turned orange. I found on the forums to check foreground and background, so I made sure those were set to black and white. Now every image is purple.


      I have updated to make sure that I have the most recent version.
      I am working in RGB, with  8 bits per channel.

      "Use Graphics Processor" is checked under Preferences>Performance.

      The foreground and background colors are set to default: black and white.


      I would appreciate any help or advice. Thank you!

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          linda-o Level 1

          I guess I have to give myself points - I figured it out. When the filter gallery is open, I saw that in the far right column in the bottom half, there were three effects listed: Film Grain, Neon Glow and Halftone Pattern. All three of these had the "eye" visible.  I unchecked the eye from Neon Glow and Halftone, leaving only Film Grain eyed in.  The color tone returned to the normal 4-color picture.


          I researched a bit more, and discovered that at the very bottom of this screen there is an icon to add a new effect layer, next to a trash icon. By using these, you can add multiple effects. You can also drag and drop these effects to be in different order, giving your image different looks.


          I hope this helps, if anyone else runs into this problem.