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    AE Error Codes ( 3::6 ) OSX10.12 AE14.2


      Hello Everyone


      Is there a comprehensive list of error codes for AE anywhere that is active and that I can be directed too? Some sort of god list?


      Secondly the error code I'm currently seeing is ( 3::6 ) when trying to read an AE project 8 levels deep.


      When attempting to import the file it provides an error window stating 'Unable to import /path/to/item/ bad format or not readable


      The closest error code i can get to is the one quoted in this link as ( 3::0 ):

      After Effects CC (April 2017) In-Depth: Bug Fixes and Miscellaneous Changes | Creative Cloud blog by Adobe


      Ive also looked in the following locations:

      errores en after effect y posibles causas. (parte 2) - Taringa!

      http://ww12.myleniumerrors.com/ (Which is dead link)

      After Effects error codes | Creative Cloud blog by Adobe


      Can anyone shed some light?


      Current AE version: 14.2.1

      Current OS: 10.12 Sierra